Advanced Technical Repair LLC

Advanced Technical Repair LLC is a full service auto repair center. We perform Diagnostic, Repair and preventative maintenance Services. We can handle Cars, Lt and medium duty trucks. 4WD, AWD and SUV's.

We are that small town garage with the personal touch that can handle the simple tasks and the complex systems found in Today's vehicles. Advanced Technical Repair has been servicing your neighbors vehicles since 1999. Now we are a NAPA Auto care center. Besides offering high quality NAPA parts, we offer a 24 month/ 24,000 parts and labor nationwide warranty. Advanced Technical Repair is independently owned and family operated. We pride ourselves on getting services and repairs done right the first time.

We believe that regular maintenance is the best way to provide safe trouble free operation of your vehicle. A recent report from Automotive Aftermarket Industry Association (AAIA) states it costs 34% more to service or repair at a new car dealer than an independent repair shops. Begin down the road to a safe well maintained vehicle today.

Experience the advantage that our Family owned and operated independent service center offers you
Mark: I owed you a review of some kind. You can use it as you please. Best . . . Don

Once in lifetime, perhaps a few times if one is fortunate, one finds an auto repair shop where one can have total confidence. I am happy that I have found such a place in Advanced Technical Repair in Hatfield, Massachusetts. I could tell a couple of stories, but let me tell about our BMW problems.

It was misfiring, behaving badly, only 35,000 miles on it, just a few years old. I took it to the local BMW dealer, and was told of the very expensive repairs that I would need (new coils, injectors, plugs #151;because the injectors or coils in the car were 'old style'). A friend recommended that I see Mark at Advanced Technical Repair, and Mark went to work troubleshooting the problem, in a logical, straightforward manner (swapping plugs, injectors, coils). He found (and photographed) iron filings from a botched job that a previous dealer had inflicted on the car, leaving a stripped mount for one of the injectors. And he researched BMW warranty and recall records for coils and injectors, which were faulty, discovering that BMW essentially owed me a new ignition system.

Mark could have charged me to repair all of the problems he found, but instead armed me with all of the information I needed to go back to the BMW dealer and inform them what they owed me. The result: The Boston dealer paid to repair the botched job, and the Springfield dealer quietly, with no fuss, honored the warranty to give us free coils, injectors, and plugs.

I'd take any car to Mark for repair, for whatever ails it, and be confident that when I drove up with the car I'd be satisfied when I left. --A happy customer